Roller Coaster Dolly

The Roller Coaster Dolly can release a vehicle at a desired speed onto a flat or sloping terrain, and at any prescribed initial roll, pitch, and yaw angle. The system is designed such that the vehicle slides smoothly from the dolly onto the test terrain as the dolly is decelerated to a stop. This system can be used to create rollover crashes that include the vehicle trip phase, simulating scenarios such as furrow tripping on inclined road edges and medians. This system can also be used to create unique impact conditions found in real-world accident scenarios, including impacts into a variety of poles, barriers and other roadway structures and appurtenances.  The Roller Coaster Dolly system capacity allows for release speeds up to approximately 50 mph for most passenger vehicles.

Exponent has also used the Roller Coaster Dolly system to create controlled, low-level decelerations over the last several feet of dolly travel to simulate tire scrub or soil furrowing. Occupant kinematics leading up to and during rollover can then be investigated with repeatable test conditions. This feature can be used during development testing of occupant protection systems.