Custom Test Development & Evaluation

At times in the development process or perhaps out of a desire to understand a set of real-world conditions that aren’t captured sufficiently by standard tests, Exponent is well known for developing custom tests or test protocols for our clients.  We leverage our diverse pool of expertise and rapid prototyping capabilities to quickly design and construct custom fixtures and instrumentation. Whether it is a full-vehicle thermal test or surface mapping of magnetic fields on consumer electronics, this unique capability allows the client to assess or highlight specific critical aspects of their product. This approach is also used within manufacturing processes to allow companies in-situ and near real-time quality assurance measurements. The broad range of test equipment and facilities that we have around the world can be leveraged to provide reliable, real-world validation data.
Exponent’s clients are often working at the forefront of their respective industry or field. In order to effectively compete in the marketplace, they require differentiation; which can be obtained by pushing the boundaries of current technology. Alternatively, unforeseen difficulties in the design or the field-deployment of a product require a non-standard effort in order to ascertain the root cause. Both of these situations can easily result in an area of engineering where standards and industry best-practices do not yet exist. In these instances, we leverage our broad portfolio of consultants both to specify the critical aspects of the custom test as well as conceptualize, prototype, and utilize a purpose built test apparatus to uncover the fundamentals of the problem.