Wire Bending Deceleration Sled

The use of sled testing is desirable when looking to run multiple non-destructive tests where the acceleration environment is already defined.  It is a repeatable and cost effective method to reproduce the dynamic condition of full-scale crash tests as well as component testing in a controlled environment. Exponent’s indoor sled facility utilizes a Seattle Safety wire-bending deceleration sled that is powered by a pneumatic acceleration system and capable of generating up to a 35 g peak deceleration or a deceleration profile over 60-inches of displacement. The wire-bending decelerator is capable of sustaining a maximum load of 175,000 lbs. A 170-ft approach rail minimizes test article disturbance during the acceleration phase allowing the sled to reach a maximum speed of 40 mph. Pre-impact braking technology allows for up to 50 feet of low-level deceleration prior to impact. Similar technology has been applied to our outdoor roller coaster dolly. The indoor sled facilities have 200kw of lighting that allows for high-definition high-speed and real-time video.

Our outdoor sled facility has been operating since 1984. The outdoor sled uses a drop weight accelerator system and decelerates the sled using a combination of a honeycomb energy absorber and a fixed barrier. The outdoor sled is capable of speeds up to 40 mph and decelerations exceeding 50 g.