Controlled Rollover Impact System (CRIS)

To provide a repeatable test technique for evaluating roof-to-ground impact in a vehicle rollover event, Exponent (in conjunction with Ford Motor Co.) developed a translating and rotating vehicle drop system. This system releases a vehicle at a pre-determined height with selectable roll, pitch, and yaw attitudes, and roll velocities, from a fixture traveling at speeds of up to 50 mph. Synchronous release of both ends of the vehicle is provided to ensure the desired vehicle orientation upon contact with the ground. The system is well suited to developmental testing of rollover occupant protection systems and passenger vehicle roof strength evaluations.  High-speed cameras suspended from the test fixture provide detailed information regarding occupant interactions during roof-to-ground impacts. These non-accelerating, or inertial based, camera views are not available in other less-controlled rollover testing methods like dolly rollovers.


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