Inverted Drop Testing

Our inverted drop testing area is equipped for the precise inversion and release of passenger vehicles and light trucks in a variety of orientations and varying drop heights. The drop test can be used to create the instantaneous velocity during a roof-to-ground impact during a real-world rollover. Drop testing can be used to reproduce a specific roof-to-ground impact in a rollover accident or to conduct a parametric analysis of occupant protection counter measures. The vehicle can be dropped onto a flat surface or any other reproducible geometry, such as poles or curbs, to duplicate a specific collision event. Production vehicles can also be modified to include roof reinforcements and demonstrate how these modifications may or may not affect occupant kinematics and potential for injury.  All drop testing can be instrumented with vehicle-based sensors and can also utilize Exponent’s array of instrumented Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs). High-speed video coverage of the drop testing, both ground-based as well as on-board the vehicle, provides an excellent visual counterpart to the recorded data.