Motion Capture Studio

Exponent maintains an optical motion capture studio, built on infrared camera hardware and software from OptiTrack. The commercial-off-the-shelf tools are combined with Exponent’s own adjustable camera rigs and custom (application-specific) data parsing and post-processing software. The studio includes (8) OptiTrack Prime 17W cameras with a maximum capture rate of 360 Hz and is driven by a dedicated server processor for near-real-time rigid body and skeletal tracking in 3-dimensional space. The system has been shown to reliably track objects within the capture volume to within < 1 cm accuracy. In its fixed facility implementation, the studio is located at Exponent’s Test and Engineering studio in a high-bay area with darkened walls and curtains for enhanced infrared target visibility. The system is fully portable for temporary client-site installations.

This motion capture studio at Exponent has been used for a diversity of projects including:

  • Development, test and validation of a novel precision position-referencing system for robots
  • Sports skills analytics, including basketball free throw mechanics and ball flight capture
  • Biomechanics studies including gait analysis under stress