Chemical Regulatory Support - U.S.

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDC) are the basic U.S. laws that describe how pesticides and antimicrobial substances are to be regulated and used. In the United States, in addition to the various federal laws, pesticides must also be approved and licensed separately by each individual state before that pesticide product can be shipped into that state and moved into the channels of trade. Most companies register pesticide products only in the states in which they plan to sell them. These individual state registrations must be maintained for as long as the product is commercially active.

States have passed their own pesticide laws, and while those laws do not supersede or conflict with federal laws, certain states such as California and New York have data or other requirements that are in addition to the federal requirements. 

All states have basic cyclic annual pesticide registration and renewal procedures, which differ in the detailed aspects (dates, fee amounts, etc.) from state to state. At a minimum, to issue a product registration for the first time, each state normally requires a properly completed application form, product labels, copies of the federal approval documents, and payment of a registration fee. For states such as California and New York, the initial registration also requires the submittal of all data previously reviewed by EPA (California), and (in New York) submittal of the EPA’s scientific reviews of all studies supporting the Federal Registration. The State of Florida requires abbreviated summaries of the federal studies. A few other states have been moving toward a more scientific approach, as opposed to a purely administrative approach. 

After the initial registration of a pesticide in a given state, in most cases, the registration must be renewed annually. The renewal date, annual fee, and administrative requirements differ from state to state. 

Exponent has the expertise and personnel to provide management services for all state registration needs, from initial registration and management of annual renewals to issue tracking and management. In addition, Exponent can prepare and submit experimental-use permit applications. 

Plant nutrients, such as fertilizers and related products, are not regulated under the pesticide laws in the United States. Exponent can handle state fertilizer approvals and annual production reporting. As with our other regulatory services, Exponent can support all of your state pesticide or fertilizer regulatory needs, or we can assist with management of specific issues. 

Exponent has extensive experience managing U.S. Federal and State registrations on behalf of our clients. This work includes registration submissions, EUP submissions, serving as Authorized Agent or Authorized Representative, preparing and submitting product amendments, reviewing EPA correspondence and responding appropriately, label reviews, EPA product notifications, and other regulatory actions. Exponent can serve as your regulatory department or can be available to assist with specialized projects. We tailor our level of service to your needs so that you can focus on manufacturing and selling your products, and growing your business.



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