Import Tolerances & Maximum Residue Levels (MRL)

With increasing amounts of legislation for MRLs in a wide range of countries or jurisdictions across the world, and reviews of MRLs taking place around the globe, it is important to maintain up to date MRLs and import tolerances. Such MRLs are set by the appropriate national or supra-national regulatory authorities and also by international bodies such as JMPR (Joint Meeting on Pesticide Residues) and Codex. Increasingly, growers, importers, exporters, distributors and retailers are involved with agrochemical products and the food supply chain where they need to be assured that the appropriate MRLs and import tolerances are in place to allow free movement of agricultural produce from growing regions to target markets.

Exponent is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with regulatory advice and to make MRL/import tolerance submissions to regulatory authorities around the world. Exponent has been involved with such submissions to the JMPR and to regulatory authorities in the US, Canada, Mexico, European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. We provide a coordinated approach where we can support multiple location submissions. Additionally, Exponent provides support in the newly developing area of European biocides MRLs. 

Exponent provides a full dossier support service including providing appropriate summaries of relevant data, including toxicology, metabolism and residues studies. We perform consumer risk assessments using appropriate models to calculate and propose levels for MRLs and import tolerances. Further, Exponent can place and monitor residues trials or other studies (including the pharmacology study required for import into Japan) if such data are required to complete your dossier/submission. 



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