Plant Science & Pathology

Exponent has a wide range of plant scientists with expertise across a diverse set of technical disciplines including agronomy, plant pathology, molecular genetics and plant metabolism. In day-to-day life and in business we regularly encounter plant-related issues and our experienced experts are equipped to work with you to develop scientific solutions to your problems.

Many of our experts are involved in pesticide regulation, food safety and crop production. Our plant scientists are also involved in novel projects, some of which are highly interdisciplinary involving other technical disciplines within Exponent and using the latest technical advancements within plant sciences.

We can offer services in the following technical disciplines:

  • Plant physiology and plant pathology
  • Molecular biology and plant genetics
  • Agronomy of agricultural and horticultural crops (temperate and tropical)
  • Experimental design and analysis of crop trials;
  • Plant forensics;
  • Plant biochemistry, metabolism and analytical method development
  • Pesticide regulation and registration of plant protection products
  • Pesticide resistance
  • Regional plant protection issues including plant health, plant quarantine and phytosanitary certification. 



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