Product Development

Exponent's Center for Chemical Regulation and Food Safety provide technical and regulatory services to support client's product development efforts. Our services in this area include the development of technical and regulatory strategies, data development plans, placing and monitoring guideline studies, as well as designing, placing and monitoring innovative studies, environmental modeling, ecological and human health risk assessments, and overall management of the development technical and regulatory aspects of product development. Our staff consists of chemists, toxicologists, environmental fate and behavior specialists, ecotoxicologists, and environmental/ecological and human health modelers all trained and highly experienced in product development and registration in the EU and US/NAFTA. This core technical team is augmented by other scientists who provide additional technical support if needed.

Exponent also has regulatory specialists who oversee and coordinate product development programs, ensuring compliance with country and regional regulatory requirements and timelines. Our regulatory specialists understand that products are developed for the global market. As such our product development plans always take the broader view when being developed and executed to ensure compliance with regulatory and technical requirements on a global basis. Exponent's considerable experience as former regulators, industry scientists and regulatory specialists, contract laboratory scientists, as well as independent consultants, affords our clients with a vast experience base and significant value added for initiatives to bring products to market in a timely, cost-efficient, effective way.



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