Regulatory Policy Support

Exponent has the scientific and regulatory expertise to assist clients in obtaining product registrations and implementing systems to ensure compliance with the potentially numerous regulations affecting their business. We work closely with clients to ensure that they understand the potential impact of proposed regulatory changes regardless of the level at which they will be implemented. Exponent also assists our clients in the development of appropriate comments in response to proposals for changes to regulatory schemes and work with clients and other interested stakeholders to present balanced industry perspectives to regulatory agencies.

Regulated industries, such as the agrochemical, biocidal and chemical industries, must comply with laws, regulations and policies on a national, regional and global basis. Competition is not just in the marketplace – companies performing better than the competition when it comes to dealing with regulatory issues can have a substantial business advantage. Maintaining compliance and obtaining product registrations at a reasonable cost and within reasonable timescales are critical to a company’s success.

Long-term, consistent success in dealing with regulatory issues require that companies make the investment needed to understand regulations and policies that are in place at the national, regional and global level. In addition, the most successful companies also expend the resources needed to anticipate and track changes in regulations and policies and to work with regulators and other stakeholders to ensure that business interests are effectively represented. 

It is important for regulators to:

  • Understand the economic and other impacts of changing regulations and policies;
  • Consider alternatives with varying costs and benefits; and
  • Implement regulatory schemes that achieve the necessary public health and environment protection without undue economic and other negative business impacts.