US State Specific - Chemical Regulatory Support

For pesticides and related products such as soil amendments and fertilizers to be sold and used within the United States, they must not only be compliant with federal laws but must also be registered and approved by each of the states in which they are sold. Often, the federal regulatory and scientific issues that arise have analogous issues that need to be addressed at the state level, typically for states such as California, Florida, New York, and Arizona. For both the state-specific issues, and for routine approvals in all 50 states, Exponent provides expert services.
Exponent is well positioned to provide a wide array of services to companies for multi-state compliance. Our enhanced state expertise, along with our unparalleled scientific capability and federal compliance services make Exponent the go-to consultancy for state-specific services including those that handle the scientific and regulatory issues and strategies that are unique to each state. Exponent offers services such as multi-state registrations and renewals of pesticides, fertilizer, and other products regulated at the state level.

Our state services range from high-level technical and scientific support, including related governmental contacts that are typically coordinated by the Exponent Sacramento team, to the more straight-forward, but equally critical, multi-state registrations and renewals that are a key requirement for compliance by our clients.