Custom-Tailored Food Safety Programs

Food safety is more important than ever. The environment in which food companies and their suppliers operate is changing rapidly with more stringent regulations, increased demand for state-of-the-art food safety systems, and consumer trends toward more natural and organic products.

Exponent offers custom-tailored food safety programs for the food industry. These programs are individually designed to meet a client’s unique needs, from a single program designed to address a specific situation, to a complete food safety evaluation to help insure that brands are protected from harmful contaminants and microbes, and are in compliance with regulations.

Exponent’s food safety programs offer the following advantages to clients for a fixed cost:

Rapid response and flexibility in scope of services provided:

  • Design, administration, and logistical oversight, as well as identification and qualification of laboratories for testing, if required
  • National and international experience with offices in Washington DC, the United Kingdom, and the EU
  • Vendor assurance, including Asia
  • In-depth regulatory support and policy knowledge to help ensure compliance
  • Ability to address consumer complaints and concerns
  • Health hazard evaluation and recall expertise to support crisis management

Our programs can extend the leverage of existing in-house programs, or create new capabilities where required. We create turnkey solutions that meet a client’s food safety and regulatory needs without diverting in-house resources from core businesses. Our regulatory consultants have significant expertise with:

  • Microbial pathogens (Salmonella, E. coli O157:H7, Listeria, etc.)
  • Chemical contaminants (melamine, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.)
  • Mycotoxins
  • Emerging issues (Acrylamide, furan, EU HEATOX, caffeine, BPA, Proposition 65 (CA), and other state regulations) 
  • International regulations including EU, Japan, Australia, and China

Our core team has experience in product safety and regulatory compliance, providing nutritional strategies to product developers, and developed leading edge research to aid in the design of next generation foods. We also have extensive experience in: 

  • The impact of food handling on foodborne illness and modeling of foodborne pathogens
  • Food safety and regulatory compliance
  • Pesticides and human exposure
  • Food additives, GRAS ingredient safety issues, and regulatory compliance

In addition, we draw upon all of the resources of Exponent: engineers with experience in metallurgy, glass and packaging, environmental scientists, epidemiologists, toxicologists, microbiologists, physicians, public health scientists, QA consultants, and chemists.



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