Human Health Exposure & Risk Assessment

Exponent conducts a variety of exposure and risk assessments using a number of methods, including proprietary software systems that are based on probabilistic exposure and risk assessment models. These technical services are provided in support of regulatory strategies, product stewardship, and safety assessments. Regulatory authorities such as EPA, USDA, NAFTA, and Health Canada have licensed our software.

Our services include:

  • Dietary exposure and risk assessment
  • Residential/consumer exposure and risk assessment
  • Occupational exposure and risk assessment
  • Aggregate and cumulative exposure and risk assessment
  • Exposure/risk-based ranking assessment
  • Microbial risk assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment.

Dietary Exposure and Risk Assessment

Exponent’s regulatory specialists are best known for their accomplishments in the area of dietary exposure and risk assessment. Our database on U.S. food consumption is regularly updated to contain the most currently available data.

Microbial Risk Assessment

At the request of and in conjunction with FDA, Exponent developed FARE™ Microbial, a modular software for conducting probabilistic microbial risk assessment. This development is an extension of the Novigen Foods Analysis and Residue Evaluation (FARE™) program, a multi-objective research program for mining food consumption patterns and computing exposure distributions. While it incorporates algorithms developed by FDA for the Listeria monocytogenes risk assessment, FARE™ Microbial is capable of performing risk assessment for a variety of food borne pathogens.



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