Product Recalls

There will be times when a company needs to voluntarily withdraw or recall a product. Exponent’s experienced regulatory, medical, scientific, and technical consultants can help ensure that recall decision making, plan development, implementation, and termination are conducted successfully. The decision to initiate a recall is both stressful and challenging, requiring rapid and efficient input from a variety of sources. A firm needs a pre-established Crisis Management Team, consisting of technical, regulatory affairs, medical, production, quality, legal, marketing, and public relations specialists, and in-house staff may need to supplemented by outside experts in one or more of these areas. A written recall plan is also necessary to define roles, responsibilities, and procedures for deciding whether a recall or market withdrawal is warranted and, if so, how to proceed with the action.

With more than 40 years of experience addressing industry and product issues, Exponent is uniquely qualified to assist with a product recall or market withdrawal.

Exponent’s expertise includes:

  • Science: food safety, epidemiology, nutrition, microbiology, toxicology, chemistry, risk assessment, biostatistics 
  • Technical: engineering, product quality systems 
  • Health professions: physicians, veterinarians, nurses, public health 
  • Regulatory: former federal officials

Exponent can assemble an expert team for any potential food, drug, cosmetic, or consumer product recall or market withdrawal, to assist with: 

  • Evaluation and pre-planning 
    • Traceability, production systems, and food safety audits 
    • Recall plan and Crisis Management Team development 
    • Mock recall design and conduct 
  • Crisis decision making 
    • Health hazard evaluations 
    • Recall classification or market withdrawal advice 
    • Recall scope and depth advice 
  • Root-cause analysis 
  • Recall implementation and oversight 
  • Risk communication
    • Regulatory 
    • Public relations 
    • Media 
  • Litigation and insurance support

A recall is considered a success if consumers and the brand are protected. Yet, common mistakes that companies make when conducting recalls are poor planning, poor communication, and uneven implementation. Let Exponent help ensure that your firm succeeds.



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