Environmental Assessment of Technologies & Products

Technology and product development, modification and management, and support for corporate responsibility and sustainability increasingly require consideration of environmental fate and impacts, and associated human health and ecological issues as part of a comprehensive technology or product stewardship program. Exponent’s ecologists, environmental scientists, chemists and toxicologists provide expertise related to evaluating new products and technologies and identifying environmental liabilities associated with existing products and technologies. Exponent works with companies to adopt cost-effective, strategic approaches to comprehensively address health, safety, environmental, and regulatory concerns on a global basis for existing and emerging technologies, products, raw materials and components, and the technologies associated with their manufacture. Exponent services help our clients make decisions on how to ensure the long-term viability of their products, to identify and assess potential liabilities and ways to best manage any potential risks associated with new technologies, products or chemicals.

Solutions provided by Exponent include:

  • Exponent evaluates the various materials used in new product development for industrial specialty and commodity chemicals, petrochemicals, fragrances and flavors, dyes and solvents, personal care products, electronics and medical devices, agricultural and food contact chemicals, biocides, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides. 
  • Our scientists assist with evaluating emerging chemicals, nanomaterials, and new applications of chemicals, by understanding the way these materials are used, and by identifying potential environmental releases, environmental fates and exposure pathways for human and ecological receptors, and, finally, by integrating this information so that technology and product managers are able to fully understand and evaluate the potential environmental implications of these new products or applications. 
  • Exponent identifies alternative chemicals or materials and their potential substitution as part of new product development or for modifications to existing products or manufacturing processes by incorporating chemical, biological, and toxicological principals into the assessment.
  • Exponent scientists also provide expertise on evaluating the environmental impacts of new technologies and products, in particular their impacts on wildlife, and assists in finding solutions on how to mitigate adverse effects. 

As regulatory requirements for chemicals, components, and finished products develop and change throughout the world, Exponent can provide energy and petrochemical producers, pharmaceutical makers, personal care products producers, and agricultural producers with information on the state of the emerging requirements, analyze the implications for their operations, and assist these industries with identifying and assessing potential issues and risks to human health and the environment, and to eventually manage potential risks associated with new chemicals or products.

Exponent’s scientists work closely with company representatives and their legal counsel to provide a holistic approach to understanding and assessing the effects of existing and emerging products and technologies. 

Exponent has a global presence through international offices and projects worldwide, and can provide a multi-disciplinary team to address every aspect of product and chemical stewardship, including:

  • Toxicological and ecotoxicological evaluations and risk assessment 
  • Regulatory compliance and product registrations in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia 
  • Developing and managing supplier specifications and testing programs 
  • Alerting clients of emerging chemical issues 
  • Reviewing proposed company recycling, reuse, and product redesign strategies for safety, environmental and health implications 
  • Sustainability assessments based on in-depth life-cycle analysis, cost-benefit analyses, environmental metrics, continuous improvement measures, and responsible public communications 
  • Providing litigation support and failure analysis for product liability, toxic tort, hazard assessments, and risk communications.



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