Climate Change Consulting

Exponent engineers and scientists bring a range of industry, institutional, and process experience together to assist clients in the emerging and challenging areas of climate change. Our team has expertise in the science of climate change, greenhouse gas emission sources, and mitigation alternatives. Emerging issues related to the management and regulatory enforcement of greenhouse gas emissions standards may affect strategic planning and operations in a variety of industries. We advise clients on managing business risks by identifying opportunities for operational improvement, identifying risks associated with the use of alternative technologies, and preparing companies for the regulatory and trading environments of the future.

Exponent provides services related to:

  • Risk management
  • Impact assessment
  • Mitigation alternatives
  • Regulatory and legal support

Risk Management

Exponent scientists have advised many clients on preparing for emerging environmental regulations in the past. Our understanding of the regulatory process and requirements enables us to provide technical and management solutions for companies making business decisions. A comprehensive, accurate, and verified greenhouse gas emission inventory is an essential first step for businesses to evaluate impacts and manage risks. We provide technical support on accounting of greenhouse gas emissions for diverse industrial sectors. We work with clients to integrate carbon management as part of their environmental plan to improve efficiency and evaluate tradeoffs. We conduct probabilistic risk evaluations of different climate change scenarios to provide management with strategic planning tools.

Impact Assessment

In this new carbon-constrained environment, assessment of greenhouse gas emissions should be part of any project development and expansion plan. Exponent engineers and scientists have expertise in modeling emissions and assessing their impacts. Increasingly, new capital projects—including those in oil and gas, electric power generation, and large industrial facilities—may require evaluation of their climate change impacts. Exponent routinely performs life-cycle assessment for a specific project or product—a tool that addresses potential impacts from cradle to grave. Clients rely on our multidisciplinary team to predict emissions and identify effective mitigation approaches.

Mitigation Alternatives

Exponent is a leader in energy-industry consulting. Our consultants in electric power generation, oil and gas, and liquefied natural gas provide innovative solutions to help clients manage their carbon emissions. Exponent engineers are intimately familiar with coal mining, transportation, and combustion. We publish and present developments in emerging technologies such as Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC).  We have extensive experience with underground gas migration within and from natural gas storage fields, a key issue in determining the long-term viability of geologic carbon sequestration. Our staff has expertise on the many fronts of alternative energy sources—solar, wind, tidal, and others—and this knowledge extends to both the technologies and their potential impacts on the environment. We have published and advised clients on biodiesel production and use of biosolids. Exponent ecologists and earth scientists understand the potential and limitations of carbon stored in the biosphere—an important aspect in land-use management and evaluating terrestrial carbon sequestration.

Regulatory and Legal Support

Exponent provides technical support to law firms involved with helping their clients respond to regulatory requirements and proactively avoid legal problems down the road. Our meteorologists and scientists understand the workings and uncertainties of climate change models. We help clients interpret the latest developments in climate change science and take appropriate actions based on potential local impacts. Exponent’s scientists have provided technical support and testified on many complex environmental issues including global climate change legislation. Based on our experience with environmental laws and regulatory compliance, we assist clients in agency negotiations and design and perform assessments and monitoring.


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