Environmental Chemistry & Geochemistry

Environmental chemistry and geochemistry provide the tools for understanding contaminants in air, water, and soils. This study of impacted environments is demystified through analytical chemistry ranging from concentration data to isotope data. These data are often called upon to determine the source of contamination, in addition to the extent of impact relative to background. Understanding the utility of each compound class, data quality, and statistical tools for site specific issues is vital to project success.

Exponent’s environmental chemistry and geochemistry consultants support a wide variety of regulatory and litigation projects related to site characterization, exposure assessments, environmental forensics, and remediation. Exponent’s diverse professionals have expertise in analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, biochemistry, and process chemistry, and include specialists in laboratory analyses, data validation, chemical fingerprinting, and geochemical modeling.

Exponent staff have nationally and internationally recognized expertise in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), pesticides, chlorinated solvents, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins and furans, petroleum, natural gas, oxygenates, persistent fluorinated and brominated compounds, organic metalloids (e.g., methyl mercury and monomethylarsonic acid), asbestos, silica, nanomaterials, and many elements on the periodic table.

At Exponent, our environmental chemists and geochemists routinely work on multidisciplinary teams with other scientists and engineers on projects involving environmental and earth sciences, human health, ecological risk, fires and explosions, process engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, and metallurgy.



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