Hazardous Waste Management

Exponent engineers and scientists develop cost-effective and innovative solutions to solid and hazardous waste management challenges, from initial product development to management facilities to disposal and re-use in new products. Exponent’s expertise includes advance planning and permitting, design review, closure assessments, and evaluation of ecological and health impacts. We provide waste management design assessment, operations assessment, failure analysis and oversight consulting services to clients that operate recycling centers, transfer stations, landfills, co-generation incinerators/boilers, and open burning facilities. Exponent also evaluates new recycling systems for industrial, mineral exploration, high-tech, and pharmaceutical waste streams.

Improper handling of wastes can threaten public health and natural resources. Waste management is under increasing scrutiny because of greenhouse gas emissions. Exponent is proficient in evaluating regional transfer, handling, disposal, recycling, and energy recovery facilities for compliance, safety, and efficiency. Unique among consultants in the hazardous waste management sector, Exponent’s technology development group specializes in applying the latest technologies to projects. For example, Exponent developed automated tracking and reporting systems that track the generation of waste, follow it though the transportation and treatment processes or through recycling, and generate the required documents in the proper format for annual regulatory reporting.

Exponent services include: 

  • Evaluation of regional transfer, handling, disposal, recycling, and energy recovery facilities for compliance, safety, and efficiency
  • Analysis of waste handling facilities for purposes of mergers and acquisitions and for litigation 
  • Evaluation of operation, management, compliance, and improvement of operations of waste-to-energy and energy-recovery projects 
  • Landfill design and operations evaluations, including leachate management, hazard management and gas recovery 
  • Landfill closure assessments and landfill planning and management consulting
  • Pharmaceutical waste management, risk reduction, and reuse, and petitions for regulatory changes or exemptions 
  • Product development and evaluation to verify green claims 
  • Waste reduction and reuse analysis 
  • Exposure and human health assessment
  • Evaluations and modeling of emissions



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