Oil Spill Consulting

Preparedness and technical knowledge on local environmental conditions, spilled material characterization, sample collection and analytical procedures, data optimization, and resource monitoring are critical to an effective oil spill response. Exponent scientists and engineers have provided strategic leadership and scientific support for major oil spill responses, including more than 40 years of experience with both complex and high profile spills as well as lesser known, but important, events. Our team has provided consulting services to most of the major international oil companies, as well as pipeline, oilfield engineering design, and service companies.

Rapid response and focused, efficient technical efforts are critical to optimal oil spill management and data collection activities. Exponent’s skill base combines unparalleled, multidisciplinary technical expertise with the ability to respond rapidly and to focus this knowledge in extremely short time frames. We have experience managing complex projects in numerous geographic areas and climates, and Exponent is a leader in oil spill environmental damage assessment, use of chemical dispersants in surface applications and in the deep sea, and oil spill data analytics. Our skills and experience range from support as part of the Environmental Unit during response, mitigation, and cleanup, to NRDA consulting and litigation expert activities.

Exponent services include:

  • Emergency environmental response planning, cleanup, and environmental monitoring
    • Chemical dispersant planning, decision support and monitoring
    • Source characterization and chemical fingerprinting
    • Net environmental benefit analysis (NEBA) of response options

  • Environmental impact assessment
    • Oil fate and transport
    • Exposure and bioavailability assessment
    • Natural resource damage assessment (NRDA)
    • Ecological surveys of impact and recovery

  • Petroleum chemistry, geochemistry, and oil fingerprinting
    • Environmental data analytics

  • Field sampling and analytical chemistry oversight
    • Geospatial analyses
    • Response data management
    • Chemical data optimization

  • Scientific strategy and program development and management
    • Conceptualization and oversight of program
    • Background and baseline assessment
    • Response planning and training
    • Settlement and litigation support

Exponent scientists and engineers have extensive experience with oil spill chemistry, dispersants, fate and transport, ecological impact assessment, NRDA, and restoration projects, including experience with the following oil spills:

  • Amoco Cadiz (France)
  • Argo Merchant (Georges Bank, New England)
  • Bayway Refinery [Arthur Kill] (New York)
  • Cosco Busan (San Francisco Bay)
  • Deepwater Horizon (Gulf of Mexico)
  • Ever Reach (South Carolina)
  • Exxon Valdez (Alaska)
  • Haven (Italy)
  • Ixtoc I (Mexico and Texas)
  • Katina P (Mozambique)
  • Kuroshima (Alaska)
  • Martinez Refinery [Suisun Bay] (California)
  • New Carissa (Oregon)
  • Newton Lake (Illinois)
  • North Cape (Rhode Island)
  • Perth Amboy [Arthur Kill] (New Jersey)
  • Prestige (Spain)
  • Gulf War – Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment [ROPME]
  • Tsesis (Baltic Sea, Sweden)
  • Baffin Island Oil Spill Study (Experimental Spill, Canada).

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