Radiation Exposure, Risk Assessment & Nuclear Support Services

Since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011, many concerns have been raised about the relationship between the earthquake and subsequent damage to Japan’s nuclear power plants and the potential effects of radiation on human health of individuals and operations of corporations worldwide.

Exponent has coordinated a team of highly experienced staff who have considerable experience in low-dose radiation risk and exposure, human health and safety programs, biological and environmental contamination, supply chain management, product and food safety, medical evaluations and surveillance, radiation decontamination, and nuclear plant safety status and dose projections that can be utilized by corporations assessing potential risks as a result of this disaster.

Exponent has capabilities in areas that might be of concern to you, including:

  • Product Contamination Assessment
  • Supply Chain Health and Safety Issues
  • Nuclear Plant Radiation Dose Projections
  • Low-Dose Radiation Exposure Assessment
  • Health Inspection & Regulatory Compliance
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Ecological & Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Transport & Fate of Radionuclides
  • Nuclear Plant Safety Assessment & Support Services
  • Risk Communication
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Business Interruption Services

Exponent offers unparalleled multi-disciplinary expertise and rapid response capabilities to provide stewardship in addressing complex engineering and scientific problems. We provide our clients with a team of engineering, construction, environmental, risk, and health specialists that is unique in the industry.

Key Client Issues in the Areas of Radiation Risk

  1. Potential contamination of raw materials or products from Japan
  2. Health risks for workers and communities
  3. Environmental concerns
  4. Risk perception related to nuclear powered facilities
  5. Construction concerns related to the earthquakes
  6. Potential liability related to any of these matters

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