Site Remediation Consulting

Exponent’s remediation consulting practice has developed a breadth of technical expertise over many decades, from the early days of primarily physical techniques to implementation of current technologies that rely on chemical and biological processes. Exponent helps clients optimize environmental remediation, focusing on identifying and obtaining regulatory approvals for effective and efficient solutions for even the most complex sites. Depending on the site conditions, Exponent scientists and engineers use a variety of innovative strategies to protect human health and the environment while reducing or avoiding unnecessary remediation costs. Our multidisciplinary team of chemists, engineers, ecologists, geologists, hydrologists, soil scientists, and toxicologists is skilled in solving challenging remediation problems.

Advances in technology enable teams to employ innovative cleanup strategies that are consistent with current priorities of sustainable and green remediation. These strategies are site-specific and may include the use of bioavailability assessment, risk assessment, focused remediation, and natural attenuation. Some of the most cost-effective strategies phase remediation activities, employing different techniques across the project timeline from interim actions through complete cleanup.

Exponent has earned an outstanding reputation with demonstrated success in understanding our clients’ needs, and in applying sound scientific, engineering, economic, and management skills at a variety of sites for many industries. We have expertise with a wide range of contaminants, including emerging contaminants, under many regulatory frameworks such as CERCLA (federal and State-led), RCRA, State-led voluntary cleanup programs (VCPs), and other state, federal, and international programs.

Exponent’s greatest strengths are in evaluating, selecting, and designing remedial strategies, and in providing oversight and technical direction to the project team, including local contractors conducting site remediation. Exponent is routinely retained to support litigation by evaluating the appropriateness and costs of remediation conducted by others.

Exponent’s remediation and related services include:

  • Developing regulatory strategies
  • Designing field investigations
  • Project and program management 
  • Data management, including developing databases and optimizing data use
  • Transport and fate analysis, including simple and sophisticated modeling of indoor and outdoor air, soils (vadose zone), surface water, sediments, and groundwater 
  • Natural attenuation studies 
  • Bioavailability studies 
  • Human health and ecological risk assessment 
  • Remedial alternatives analysis 
  • Bench-scale testing 
  • Providing oversight of remediation and redevelopment activities 
  • Evaluating and selecting remediation technologies
  • Liability management 
  • Environmental cost consulting
  • Divisibility and apportionment.



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