Forensic Meteorology Services

Exponent atmospheric scientists provide a full range of meteorological support for litigation and insurance coverage issues and use a wide range of meteorological data to reconstruct weather events. These data includes surface weather observations, upper air soundings, radar imagery, satellite imagery, three-dimensional analysis from National Weather Service meteorological models, lightning data, snow and ice cover data, and climatological data and summaries. If needed, high-resolution numerical modeling can be coupled with available data to reconstruct an event.
Our forensic meteorological services include evaluating the following meteorological conditions:

  • Wind, temperature, humidity, visibility, and precipitation
  • Ice or snow cover, snow melt and refreezing
  • Heat waves and cold waves
  • Fogging and visibility
  • Air pollution and odors

Severe weather events often can result property damage that may lead to litigation. Exponent analyzes severe weather events including:

  • Hurricanes and tropical storms
  • Winter storms
  • High wind events
  • Flooding events
  • Severe Thunderstorms
  • Lightning
  • Wind versus water damage

Exponent’s atmospheric scientists have performed a range of forensic meteorological services for clients. For example, Exponent scientists performed a detailed meteorological analysis of a flash flood event in the New York region. They performed high-resolution numerical modeling of Hurricane Katrina to evaluate the surface wind field of the storm as it made landfall near New Orleans to evaluate wind versus water damage to building structures. Recently Exponent scientists performed detailed analyses of dust storm events and wind and hail impacts from severe thunderstorms.