COVID-19 Support Services: Occupational Health and Safety

Exponent’s trusted advisors are actively helping clients across industries protect the health and safety of employees and customers while maintaining business continuity.

Our Expertise:

Exponent’s multi-disciplinary team of health scientists has a long history of tackling the most challenging epidemiology, environmental, occupational, and public health issues that our world has faced. Exponent staff have supported public health outbreak investigations of anthrax, Coccidioides (cause of Valley Fever), Coxiella burnetii, hantavirus, Legionella, and norovirus, among others. Many of our technical experts have been at the forefront of developing the risk assessment methodologies that are essential to addressing the incidence, distribution, and control of infectious disease. Our biomedical scientists and physicians have performed epidemiological studies of health complaints across the globe and have occupational and public health experience that is directly applicable to COVID-19.

Our airflow modelers and building scientists have evaluated particulate distribution and the effects of new cleaners and disinfectants on building components across the globe. Our materials scientists have evaluated candidate coating and materials in BSL-3 and BSL-4 research facilities and have been at the forefront of materials compatibility for disinfecting chemicals and hospital-acquired infections.

Our Capabilities:

Health risk assessments and safety protocols for employees, contractors, and customers

Exponent’s multi-disciplinary team of health scientists can help clients design risk assessments and safety protocols for a variety of manufacturing, retail, and healthcare settings. Our advisory work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Synthesis of WHO and CDC recommendations for employee screening, PPE, and workplace disinfection
  • Site-specific strategies for temperature screening of employees
  • HIPAA, EOC, and ADA-compliant policies for employee sick days
  • Process or structural changes to optimize the distance between employees and customers
  • Disinfectant selection for workplaces that handle food processing or distribution
  • Fabric selection for employee face coverings in regulated settings
  • Comparative assessment of PPE options for employers and healthcare facilities, including assessment of imported PPE and related specifications
  • Re-sterilization and decontamination options for N-95 masks in healthcare facilities, with emphasis on managing risk and auditing reprocessing effects

Industrial hygiene assessments and microbiological decontamination of workplaces

Exponent’s multi-disciplinary team of health scientists can help clients identify point sources of virus contamination and develop effective remedial recommendations in a variety of workplace settings. Our advisory work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Site inspections
  • Indoor air quality assessments
  • Virus abatement
  • Verification sampling to address contamination concerns
  • Review of assessment and abatement work conducted by other partiesLitigation support services, including personal injury claims in occupational settings

Our industrial hygienists work closely with client facilities’ engineers, QA/QC professionals, and production staff to investigate process and product contamination events. We are familiar with the relevant cGMP’s and can conduct confidential audits to ensure that client SOPs are properly developed and implemented.

Emergency response planning and risk communication strategy

Exponent’s multi-disciplinary team of health scientists can help clients anticipate and prepare responses to a variety of COVID-19 scenarios in the workplace. By synthesizing scientific literature and governmental guidance, our advisors can place the most current information in the proper context for emergency response planning.
As many of our scientists, engineers, and physicians are professionally trained in risk communication, we can help clients communicate critical issues to a variety of stakeholder audiences in a clear and understandable manner.

Evaluation of diagnostic testing and tools

Exponent’s multi-disciplinary team of health scientists, microbiologists, and chemists can help clients compare the strengths and limitations of newly developed tests for viruses and antibodies. By evaluating clinical performance data and knowledge of the regulatory requirements, our advisors can assist in the performance evaluation of clinical diagnostics for active infections and immune responses, while advising on the strengths and limitations of molecular, antigen, and serological tests. Likewise, our team is well versed in the variety of tests that can be used for assessing environmental contamination and can advise clients on the best use of testing and interpretation of results.

For more information on our services, please contact 888.656.EXPO (within the U.S.), 650.326.9400 (outside the U.S.), or Additional information is also available here.



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