Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Exponent has a wide array of scientific, technical, and analytical experience to support increasingly complex health economics and outcomes research studies. Consultants with background and experience in healthcare, the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, as well as academia and government regulatory agencies, bring a multi-disciplinary rigor and familiarity with the challenges of demonstrating value of a health product or service.

Commercial success of a new drug in a class is increasingly related to a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company’s ability to differentiate it from others in that class. Demonstrating health and economic benefits of a compound to regulatory agencies, payers, and internal stakeholders for decision-making is becoming more complex, and may require collection of multiple endpoints (e.g., quality of life measures or other patient-reported outcomes) and economic data in addition to the main outcome metrics of efficacy and safety. Differentiating a compound from others in terms of these endpoints as well as economic value is essential to approval, market acceptance and potential, and overall success.

The number and diversity of stakeholders in evaluating health economic outcomes is increasing and each perspective must be addressed. In the case of pharmaceutical and biologic agents, determination of coverage may be based on both cost-effectiveness and budget impact. For diagnostic or capital equipment, hospitals or health systems need to understand the costs and potential benefits in terms of faster and more accurate treatment or lower readmission rates and penalties. Surgeons may hold a primary decision-making role in the adoption of new implanted technologies, and their focus may be more on improving patient quality of life than purely clinical outcomes. Food suppliers and manufacturers of vaccines may have to address the public health community as they develop an economic case for functional foods or non-mandatory vaccines.

Exponent’s Expertise in Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Exponent can provide advanced HEOR guidance to develop solutions for clients in the following sectors: 

  • Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Biotechnology Industries
  • Healthcare Payers (including self-insured corporations)
  • Healthcare Providers
  • New Technology Manufacturers (mobile, wearables, nanotechnology)

To streamline our HEOR analyses we maintain a number of Medicare, HCUP, and other government-maintained databases in-house, and can augment our in-house sets with other public and commercial/private databases as needed.