Corporate Health & Safety

With multiple millions of injuries and illnesses in private industry each year, the potential costs to employers, equipment manufacturers and insurance carriers are staggering. A violation of OSHA standards and regulations can cost employers up to $7,000 for a serious violation and total penalties for multiple violations can add up to millions. However, the true cost of workplace illnesses and injuries significantly outweighs compliance penalties as it will include cost of lost workdays, worker’s compensation, loss of production, lower employee morale, increased insurance premiums and potentially loss of product quality and a company’s consumer image. Further, if an occupational incident involves contractors, or other outside employees, the issue of products liability may lead to serious litigation costs for the employer, the designer of the equipment, the installer or maintenance contractor and even the distributor of the equipment.

Exponent provides a wide range of industrial hygiene and safety evaluations, as well as exposure and risk assessment consulting services for corporations and commercial businesses.

These services include: 

  • Site investigations and accident re-creation 
  • Exposure measurements 
  • Exposure simulations 
  • Emergency response 
  • Root-cause investigations 
  • Investigations for compliance with OSHA regulations 
  • Corporate risk management consultations 
  • Safety studies
  • Worker populations exposure studies (including epidemiology) 
  • Site risk assessments 
  • Audits of work places for OSHA compliance 
  • Assistance with company regulatory compliance 
  • Engineering solutions and feasibility studies. 
  • Biomedical monitoring 
  • Occupational medicine and second opinions on medical and occupational causation (in-house staff of occupational medical physicians) 
  • Medical toxicology (board-certified medical toxicologist) 
  • Air monitoring (indoor air and outside air quality) 
  • Health risk assessments in the occupational setting 
  • Litigation, claims, and technical support.