Environmental & Occupational Medicine

Exponent has brought together a group of scientists and physicians with a wide range of technical and clinical skills, as well as professional experience, that can be applied to the health, safety, and environmental issues that companies and institutions face today. Our specialists in Occupational and Environmental medicine have diverse corporate and clinical backgrounds, and have specialty training in environmental and occupational medicine, as well as clinical toxicology, that allows them to provide health consultation and related support services to companies and institutions around the world. Our environmental and occupational medical specialists address the clinical aspects of diseases, while our scientists, engineers, and industrial hygienists study the quantification and root causes of events. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to develop assessments of disease/health continuums. We can apply this scientific and clinical study approach to both public institutions and private companies.

Exponent’s physicians, scientists, industrial hygienists and engineers function as an integrated team to offer the multiplicity of viewpoints that today’s complicated business problems demand. This unique body of expertise can assist companies with preventive health needs or concerns, address existing complex health issues, and provide external verification of health services performance. Issues ranging from contamination of raw materials, to adverse health effects associated with the manufacturing process, to potential health concerns with the consumer product, can be addressed quickly using the depth of experience of our team.