OSHA Safety, Health Inspection & Regulatory Compliance

Exponent provides a wide range of industrial hygiene and safety investigations, as well as exposure and risk assessment services.

These services include:

  • Site investigations and accident re-creation
  • Exposure measurements in the field 
  • Exposure re creations and re enactments 
  • Emergency response 
  • Root-cause investigations 
  • Investigations for compliance with OSHA regulations 
  • Corporate risk management consultations 
  • Safety studies 
  • Worker populations exposure studies (including epidemiology) 
  • Site risk assessments 
  • Audits of work places for OSHA compliance 
  • Assistance with company regulatory compliance 
  • Engineering solutions and feasibility studies. 
  • Biomedical monitoring 
  • Occupational medicine and second opinions on medical and occupational causation (in-house staff of occupational medical physicians) 
  • Medical toxicology (board-certified medical toxicologist) 
  • Air monitoring (indoor air and outside air quality) 
  • Health risk assessments in the occupational setting 
  • Litigation, claims, and technical support


Our Occupational & Environmental Health professional staff includes certified industrial hygienists, registered professional engineers, Ph.D.-level toxicologists, safety engineers, occupational medical physicians, and clinical toxicologists. One of our staff was a director of Cal-OSHA compliance and thus is thoroughly familiar with health and safety compliance issues

We have collectively worked on thousands of cases of possible occupational exposures, safety investigations, and compliance investigations. We have a broad array of experience on projects that cover the full range of occupational settings. Some of our projects are small and well defined, such as moisture and mold investigations, while others cover a variety of site conditions such as safe work practices and decontamination procedures after refinery explosions.

We work on many different exposure and safety issues, including:

  • Radiological safety 
  • Industrial accidents 
  • Heavy metals 
  • Chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents 
  • Pesticides 
  • Volatile organic solvents 
  • Biologicals 
  • PBC and dioxins 
  • Toxic gases



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