Veterinary Medicine & Public Health – 'One Health'

One Health is a global concept that recognizes the connections between human health and the health of all animals and the environment. It integrates human, veterinary, wildlife, and environmental health disciplines at multiple levels to face increasing challenges to health, nutrition, security, and economic growth worldwide. One Health seeks to increase communication and collaboration across disciplines in order to promote, improve, and defend the health of all species on the planet.

Exponent’s veterinary medical scientists bring extensive experience with One Health and apply it to projects on a routine basis. Our staff has clinical and research veterinary medicine and emergency response experience with behavior, nutrition, endocrinology, infectious diseases, epidemiology, toxicology, and zoonoses in domestic (large and small animal), wildlife, and research species.

With our integrated scientific and technological expertise and world-class GLP research facilities, Exponent’s veterinary medical staff has the ability to meet clients’ routine and unique technical, development, and regulatory needs for preclinical research and development, regulation, and risk assessments of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
We have worked on numerous projects including: 

  • Vitamin deficiency in pet food 
  • Pet food recalls
  • Ingredient safety of animal feeds and of pet treats 
  • Antibiotic use in animal feed 
  • Food outbreak investigations 
  • Safety of materials for animal bedding 
  • Exposures of horses to PCBs 
  • Automated dairy operation impacts on prevalence of infection 
  • Electromagnetic fields and health effects on cattle and other species 
  • Infections among farmed deer 
  • Animal impacts on painted surfaces and on household products 
  • Medical device testing using animal models 
  • Veterinary database survival analysis 
  • Veterinary drug registrations in US, EU, and Asia
  • Veterinary forensics 
  • Impact of shelter-neuter-return program on health of shelter cats

The veterinary staff at Exponent reaches across various practices in a One Health approach to tackle the most challenging animal and human health issues. We are involved with local, national, and global human and veterinary medical associations, and serve on local and national committees examining a wide range of issues impacting human and animal health. Areas include health effects of environmental compounds (including endocrine disrupters, pesticides, metals, and radiation used in treatment), zoonotic diseases, animal behavior, and the human-animal bond, reflecting the “One Health” principle.

Representative Publications

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Representative Presentations

Whaley JE, Fairbrother, A, Staveley, J. One Health: Exploring Collaboration and Business Opportunities. North America Conference of Society of Chemistry and Toxicology, Salt Lake City, UT, November 2015 (invited). 

Edinboro CH. ICCIDD Iodine Deficiency Symposium. Iodine in Veterinary Populations (invited). American Thyroid Association 84th Annual Meeting, Coronado, CA, October-November 2014.

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