Toxicology & Mechanistic Biology

Toxicology involves characterizing and quantifying the relationship between exposure to a substance and the nature and magnitude of effects on human health and the environment. Exponent’s comprehensive experience in toxicology, along with our global regulatory knowledge in chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and medical devices, allows us to provide critical insight in resolving important issues of toxicity and risk for a wide variety of substances and products. We evaluate the mechanisms by which a substance may affect biological systems, provide perspectives on potential effects at realistic or intended human and environmental exposure levels, and technically support strategies to mitigate risks. We develop and implement strategies to evaluate the nonclinical safety of pharmaceuticals and related products.

Our toxicologists are recognized for our decades of experience advancing the fields of toxicology, mechanistic biology, risk assessment, drug development, and related scientific disciplines. Our breadth of experience in this field is represented by nine board-certified toxicologists among our professional staff of more than twenty in the field, most of whom have published extensively and served on various expert panels convened by professional societies, industry coalitions, and regulatory agencies. This expertise is supplemented by national and international support from Exponent’s Health Sciences Group, including professionals in general and environmental toxicology, occupational medicine, clinical toxicology, epidemiology, biostatistics, dose response and pharmacokinetic modeling, public health, and regulatory safety.



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