Regulatory Strategy in Toxicology

Chemical companies and pesticide manufacturers often face challenges when first obtaining regulatory approval for their products and maintaining a compound’s approval during periodic registration. The data requirements for registration are extensive and continually evolving. Additionally, how the available data may be interpreted can vary – not only among international regulatory agencies, but also over time. A finding in a study conducted for regulatory approval may raise questions that require additional research in order to address the implications of that finding for both human health and the environment.

How Exponent Can Help

Exponent's regulatory consultants within the Center for Toxicology and Mechanistic Biology work closely with clients to plan and implement registration strategies to support new registration submissions and to maintain current registrations. Working with clients, Exponent consultants develop and implement critical data development programs, risk assessments, risk mitigation and communication strategies, and support strategies needed to ensure the successful registration of chemical and pesticide products in a timely manner. Exponent consultants also assist clients in developing innovative approaches to support products through the re-registration process.
We advise clients on the use of scientific data and risk assessment information to support appropriate regulatory decisions. We use negotiating expertise and communication skills to help clients achieve long term regulatory objectives, as well as to respond to short-term crisis situations.


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