Peer-Reviewed & Authoritative Technical Literature Surveys

The Information Resources team assists others in understanding the scientific puzzles they are working to solve by providing a focused survey of peer-reviewed and authoritative technical literature indexed by leading commercial publishers, most of which is not easily searchable in a targeted manner or available for free on the web.

We identify and obtain information, data, and documents that:

  • Can make a critical difference in obtaining a positive resolution  
  • Apply in all phases of litigation, design, testing, and analysis  
  • Can be used to determine and develop new markets, partnerships, and applications  
  • Guide effective decision-making and avoid costly mistakes  
  • Describe potential failures  
  • Protect a valuable reputation and industry credibility 

We use several approaches, including:

  • Technical and scientific literature surveys that can provide corroborative perspectives when approaching questions by comprehensively searching appropriate literature. Provides a view of what other experts in the field are reporting, which might lead to assembling separate author bibliographies or citation searching.  
  • Business publication overviews used to identify and develop new markets, applications, or partnerships. Expert witness bibliographies developed to ascertain the expertise of individuals in subject areas. Citation searching and dissertation or credential verification are elements that can be included. 
  • Prior art research, or identifying the body of knowledge publicly available at the time of an invention, assists in the validation or invalidation of patent infringement claims.  
  • Citation searching helps determine whether specific works have been cited or referenced by other authors or expert witnesses. This approach can be used in conjunction with literature surveys or to help build expert witness bibliographies.  
  • Literature and document acquisition is provided using global sources, including library institutions, often leveraging time zones to accommodate time constraints. 

Using a combination of new and established research sources, we are able to capture a comprehensive portion of the accessible literature pertinent to an effective solution. As appropriate, this secondary research method can be supplemented with primary research, including contacting trade associations, state and federal government agencies, and manufacturers. Our services can be applied in a wide variety of settings, from the courtroom or laboratory to field work.