Laser Scanning & 3D Printing

3D capture and laser scanning allow Exponent’s trained VCOM staff to rapidly and accurately integrate scans of humans, objects and scenes.  Laser scanning enables us to rapidly capture complete spatial data that can be visualized and analyzed at any time. The applications of these scanning technologies are constantly evolving! The scanning of buildings, road sides, construction sites, natural obstacles, vehicles, human surrogates, and failed mechanical structures have been instrumental to our clients in the form of presentations and analysis.

3D printing enables us to create physical objects of our digital models. Tiny objects can be printed in larger sizes for better understanding and comprehension. Large objects can be scaled down to an object that can fit in your hand.

Our services include:

  • Reconstruct sites in 3D
  • Generate accurate 2D CAD plan views, elevations, and section profiles
  • Measure distances, areas, and volumes
  • Digitizing human surrogates within environments
  • 3D Printing