Video & Photography

The Visual Communication staff offers complete integration of all your video needs, be it inspection and location support.  We provide dynamic solutions in telling a clear and concise story, allowing the viewer to understand what is being presented.  We integrate video, animation, still images, and simulations in our post-production suites to create a high-impact video in support of our client’s needs.

VCOM staff also offers photographic and digital imaging services for scientific and marketing needs, using professional digital photographic equipment.  Our state-of-the-art studios ensure controlled lighting conditions for product, marketing, and scientific image capture, to assist clients with specific needs.

Our services include:

  • Site Inspection
  • High-Speed video
  • Video Editing and Compositing
  • Digital photography and imaging 
  • Image enhancement and restoration  
  • Image capture using high-resolution digital cameras and scanners 
  • Image adjustment and enhancement, restoration 
  • Stitching of images for panoramic effects