Industrial & Occupational Safety

Whether it involves workers in your facility or the people in the neighboring community, safety is paramount in a company’s operational plan. Exponent’s scientists and engineers work hand-in-hand with the company's environmental health and safety (EHS) team to evaluate human and environmental risks as well as provide emergency response when events or incidents occur.

Exponent’s engineering team has significant experience evaluating the safety of equipment and processes and the structures that surround them. Our safety engagements have been focused on both accident investigation and proactive efforts to assist clients in developing safer products and systems. In addition to reacting to safety or accident issues, we assist manufacturers in various industries in implementing techniques to minimize injury to workers or the community at large. Our environmental scientists and health professionals evaluate issues related to releases of chemicals in to the air, water or ground as well as health claims. Occupational medicine professionals, industrial hygienists, epidemiologists and toxicologist provide support to the study of human health risk in the community and industrial setting.

For specific services that Exponent performs in the area of Industrial and Occupational Safety, visit our Practices and Industries page.

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