Is 2020 Virtual Reality's Breakout Year?


March 16, 2020

Robert Rauschenberger, Ph.D., principal scientist at Exponent, recently published the article "Is 2020 Virtual Reality's Breakout Year?" for ARPost, an online publication focused on providing you the latest news, reviews and opinions on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). This piece addresses how with rapid changes in innovation, there are exciting new areas where virtual reality can be used and integrated into society. 

Thirty years ago, Nintendo launched the first commercial VR product for the mass market. In 1995, Gameboy released "The Nintendo Virtual Boy," marketed as the first ever portable 3D console. In the 21st century, new lightweight, high-quality screens and advances in microchip and cloud-computing technology have freed VR from bulky hardware and unsatisfying software experiences, providing reason to be optimistic about the potential for virtual reality in this decade. 

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