Environmental & Earth Sciences

Manage past and future environmental challenges effectively

When you need to understand how your business impacts the environment and how to mitigate damage and environmental risk, we offer multidisciplinary approaches, working collaboratively with engineers and scientists in over 90 disciplines, to objectively understand and manage environmental resources and contamination to help you effectively reduce your environmental impact.

Objective environmental assessments, strategic planning, and mitigation

Exponent's environmental scientists and engineers provide independent, accurate assessments for your most formidable environmental challenges. We offer technical, regulatory, and litigation support to numerous industries, including energy, mining and forestry, chemicals, transportation, manufacturing, life sciences, consumer products, and electronics, as well as trade associations and government agencies.

Our experience enables us to share findings from one industry to another, allowing us to anticipate issues proactively for many of our clients. We're also working to address issues related to climate change and support cutting-edge industry practices, often working in areas that extend beyond written regulations and require creative and collaborative solutions.

Exponent's consultants specialize in environmental fate and transport, environmental chemistry and forensics, hydrogeology, modeling and monitoring, water quality and water supply, data analytics, remediation consulting, environmental engineering and waste management, climate impacts, genetics and genomics, and evaluation of environmental and social risks.


We work collaboratively with scientists and engineers in 90 different disciplines to create clarity and deliver valuable insights that make our clients' work healthier, safer, and more sustainable.


Our global and comprehensive expertise across industries gives us a deep understanding of current challenges, best industry practices, and the implications of emerging technologies.

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Steve Reed, P.G.

Principal Scientist

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Wayman Turner

Senior Scientist