Safer, Smarter, More Reliable Energy

Upstream. Midstream. Downstream.

Amid competing global imperatives to generate energy while reducing the impact of fossil fuels on the environment, energy companies must deploy new technologies and processes to succeed. Exponent's science and engineering expertise helps you maintain reliability, integrity, and sustainability.

Our Work in the Energy Industry

We assist in the development and maintenance of successful projects across the energy spectrum. 

Oil derricks at sunset. Exponent helps stakeholders improve the efficiency and safety of oil and gas exploration and production.

Exploration & Production

We assist oil and gas producers in overcoming engineering challenges to increase safety and reliability.

Oil pipeline stretching over the ocean with city background. Exponent helps improve efficiency and safety of oil and gas pipeline.


From remote production sites to the local gas station, we help supply chain providers deliver across multiple modes of transportation and commodities.

Oil refinery with bright lights at dusk. Exponent provides energy engineering expertise to improve refinery safety and efficiency.


We advise refineries on how to maintain safe operations and minimize environmental risks.

Photovoltaic power solar panels. We  support stakeholders with timely insights and custom testing to unlock new innovation.


We help solar cell manufacturers, large array battery installers, and utility power generators to both develop new renewable technologies and prevent failures in the field.

Hydrogen storage tanks. Exponent scientific and engineering consultants help innovators harness and improve alternative energies.

Alternative Fuels

We deploy science and engineering expertise to support the development of alternative, lower-carbon energy supplies like hydrogen.

An alternative energy wind and solar farm. Exponent provides strategic support and research to improve wind and hydro power technologies.

Wind & Hydro Power

Through fluctuations in natural resources, we aid turbine and dam operators, mega-equipment suppliers, and generator manufacturers in managing reliability, costs, and safety.

How We Help Clients

Risk assessments. Failure analyses. Technology development. Exponent brings data-based insights and five decades of unrivaled experience to your most pressing technical, commercial, and regulatory challenges.


What Can We Help You Solve?

Across decades of work with the energy industry, we've developed specialized capabilities to address the most vital challenges. And we thrive on innovating new ways to help.

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