Hydrogen Systems & Fuel Cell Technologies

Hydrogen plant buildings with bright sun

Innovative solutions for hydrogen systems and fuel cell technologies

Exponent helps clients innovate new hydrogen technologies and provides support for challenges with electrolyzers, fuel cells, liquefaction technologies, and ammonia conversion systems.

How does Exponent support hydrogen systems and infrastructures with a unique, multidisciplinary approach?

In the push for alternative energy sources, hydrogen technologies have emerged as a promising solution, albeit, not without technical challenges. Exponent's multidisciplinary teams of engineers, process safety experts, metallurgists, and chemical, mechanical, electrical, and electrochemical engineers are uniquely suited to tackle the complex technical challenges inherent to hydrogen systems. Exponent is a leader in providing engineering design reviews, failure and risk analyses for compressed and liquefied fuel systems and facilities, and metallurgical and electrochemical evaluations for the effective integration of hydrogen into the wider energy landscape.

Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in areas of process safety management (PSM), power generation, automotive systems, aerospace systems, and electric and gas utilities, offering a thorough understanding of the challenges involved in integrating and implementing hydrogen technology across applications — whether in full-scale unit operation at a chemical facility or in portable, carbon-free power sources for various modes of transportation and consumer electronics. We also have experience with hydrogen generation, blue hydrogen, green hydrogen, hydrogen transport and storage, hydrogen safety, and consumption in industrial processes and fuel cells.