Product Analysis & Improvement

Make It Smarter, Faster, Safer 

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Innovate without compromise

Today's products need to be light, yet strong. Sophisticated, yet easy to use. Powerful, yet safe. Complex, yet affordable. Exponent helps clients hit the sweet spot.

Product innovation, imagination — realized

We bring an unbiased, third-party lens to the analysis and improvement of a diverse range of products.

Exponent brings together experts in data science, biomechanics, human factors, and health sciences to solve complex challenges.
For several global technology companies, we brought together:

biomechanics , user experience , data sciences , electrical engineering

How Do We Ensure Technology Doesn't Discriminate?

Face scanners. Fingerprint readers. Pulse meters. They're becoming more ubiquitous in technology products. But can they recognize the world's vast diversity of people? Exponent visited six continents to collect a more inclusive data set for training machines.

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What Can We Help You Solve?

Across decades of work improving products and supporting clients with inventing new ones, we've developed specialized capabilities to address the most vital challenges. And we're always ready to innovate. We thrive on assembling custom teams and developing bespoke approaches to novel problems.  

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Exponent UX

Inform Your UX Decisions With Science

Our User Experience (UX) teams design safe, successful user experience rooted in a deep understanding of your audiences. While we can tackle virtually any UX challenge, we offer particular expertise in automative products, consumer products, industrial equipment, and medical devices.

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Testing & Evaluations

Best-in-Class Facilities Meet World-Class Experts

Our multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers at Exponent facilities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia are uniquely positioned to provide rapid response, onsite inspections, bespoke testing, and unparalleled scientific analysis, data, and research.

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