Regulatory & Compliance

Prove It With Science

Find the technical guidance you need to improve product safety to help meet regulatory compliance across all industries.
Youth drinks from a plastic water bottle. Exponent supports product development to improve safety and performance of products.

Guiding Your Product's Path to Market

Whether you're developing a new medicine, children's toy, or hazardous material pipeline, you need to be certain of safety — both in terms of intended use and foreseeable circumstances. While regulations vary, an experienced partner who provides solid facts and effective communication strategies is always critical. Exponent delivers.

Next-gen regulatory support for industry trailblazers

Exponent helps innovative ideas earn regulatory approval. 

Seaweed in the ocean. Exponent helps clients preserve and protect natural resources.
For OCEANIUM, we brought together

regulatory expertise , nutritional expertise , safety expertise

Can seaweed change our food supply?

The founders of OCEANIUM are on a mission to bring seaweed as an environmentally sustainable source of positive nutrition into the food supply at a new scale, and Exponent is providing crucial scientific and regulatory guidance to help the startup take this mission to market.  Based in Scotland, OCEANIUM's team of "seaweed evangelists" develop and produce seaweed-based products for people health and planet health.

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What Can We Help You Solve?

We bring decades of experience working with regulatory agencies, as well as specialized consulting and testing capabilities across numerous industries, to ensuring you are answering the right regulatory questions with the right data.

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Man with dummy in car at lab
Testing & Evaluations

Best-in-Class Facilities Meet World-Class Experts

Our multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers at Exponent facilities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia are uniquely positioned to provide rapid response, onsite inspections, bespoke testing, and unparalleled scientific analysis, data, and research.

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Exponent lab equipment Philadelphia
Testing & Evaluations

Biomedical Devices & Solutions

Our state-of-the-art biomedical evaluations are designed to enable decision making and power your product development lifecycle. Our unique multidisciplinary expertise and robust analyses can provide you with the insights needed to unlock innovation while keeping safety, performance, and regulatory compliance front and center. 

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Inspecting a disaster or collapse
Onsite Inspections

Meeting Your Challenges Where They Are

Ensuring regulatory compliance. Evaluating equipment safety. Assessing site surface conditions. Our integrated teams of experts in North America, Europe, and Asia conduct on-site inspections, custom testing, and rapid response for a wide range of challenges. Exponent can also assist with inspections in remote locations through encrypted video-streaming capabilities.

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