Research Strategy & Implementation

Innovate at the Speed of Business

Exponent engineers conduct research and explore scientific insights to unlock new innovations.
Photovoltaic power solar panels. We  support stakeholders with timely insights and custom testing to unlock new innovation.

Go Further, Faster

When you have years to push the technology envelope on your products or services — go to a university or expand your R&D department. Need it in weeks or months? Come to Exponent. Get timely insights from our custom testing that unlock new innovation.

We figure out how to figure it out

We thrive on solving unstructured challenges for our clients, whatever the industry.

Military personnel scans ID card. Exponent supports government and private sectors in improving safety and advancing technology.
For the Department of Defense, we brought together

electrical engineering , computer science , materials engineering , corrosion engineering

Case Study

The Department of Defense (DOD) had successfully reduced network intrusions by rolling out smart technology in its employee ID cards. But the cards themselves kept wearing out. To create a stronger smart card, the DOD turned to Exponent.

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What Can We Help You Solve?

Our specialized capabilities are designed to be adapted to your most groundbreaking challenges. Whether you're innovating on an existing product or inventing something new, Exponent can help you chart the path ahead, beginning with defining the right research questions to ask.

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Man with dummy in car at lab
Testing & Evaluations

Best-in-Class Facilities Meet World-Class Experts

Our multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers at Exponent facilities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia are uniquely positioned to provide rapid response, onsite inspections, bespoke testing, and unparalleled scientific analysis, data, and research.

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Electronics-Batteries and Energy Storage_lab testing
Batteries & Energy Storage

Build Better, Safer, More Reliable Batteries

Our battery and energy storage capabilities support clients with performance-critical products at all sizes and scale — from implantable medical devices to grid storage systems  — and at all stages of the product lifecycle. Whether you're innovating a new product, securing your supply chain, or seeking to unravel an intellectual property claim, our experts have been on the ground floor of the industry since its start. And we're helping lead it forward.  

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A man consults with an automotive tester
Exponent UX

Inform Your UX Decisions With Science

Our User Experience (UX) teams design safe, successful user experience rooted in a deep understanding of your audiences. While we can tackle virtually any UX challenge, we offer particular expertise in automative products, consumer products, industrial equipment, and medical devices.

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