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In an era of radically-accelerating change, Exponent is the only premium engineering and scientific consulting firm with the depth and breadth of expertise to solve your most profoundly unique, unprecedented, and urgent challenges.

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Exponent is a premier problem solver.

Winnie Hung, P.E., LEED AP
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Exponent is a premier problem solver.

Winnie Hung, P.E., LEED AP
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About Us

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To create an unrivaled environment of engineering and scientific expertise, collaboration, and opportunity for exceptional people to produce breakthrough insights and objective solutions for our clients' vital challenges.

Our Vision

Together, we solve the most formidable scientific and engineering challenges to create a safer, healthier, sustainable world.

Our Values

Our highest priorities and deepest beliefs — these values serve as our guiding principles and cultural cornerstones.



For us, there's no halfway. Helping our clients and our communities means getting it unequivocally right. That's why we're fiercely committed to quality and excellence in everyone we hire and everything we do.


Our objectivity and integrity underpin the trust in our research, analysis, findings, and recommendations. It's fundamental to the best science and engineering, and it's why our work is rigorously grounded in the evidence and the facts.
Collaborative Diversity

Collaborative Diversity

If we've learned one thing from over 50 years of solving engineering and scientific challenges, it's this: A diverse pool of ideas, talents, backgrounds, experience, and approaches empowers our collaborative teams and amplifies our breakthrough insights. We're still learning and working every day to build a more diverse workforce and a more inclusive, empowering culture.
Respect & Care

Respect & Care

We question with purpose, listen with care, say what we think, and recognize good work. We firmly believe that respect is fundamental to working together to solve our toughest challenges.
Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Some call it impact. We think of it as helping our colleagues and our clients make meaningful and enduring advances in their professions, their missions, and their communities.
Service & Responsibility

Service & Responsibility

These values form the foundation of our daily conduct: client service; service to our professions and communities; commitment to the advancement of science; and a front-and-center responsibility to our colleagues and our clients to get it done and get it done right.
Exponent CEO,  Catherine Corrigan discusses the global impact of our work at Exponent with a colleague.

Meet Our Leaders

Exponent's senior leadership team has made significant contributions to advancing science. Most of our team have had successful careers as practicing engineers and scientists. 

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Well-Known Investigations

On The Case Since 1967

When everything's on the line, we're there asking the right questions, delving deep, and providing clients with breakthrough insights. For 50+ years, Exponent has evaluated failures and accidents, helping our clients figure out what went wrong and why — and in turn, used these findings to help our clients develop safer products and processes.

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Company History

A Path Forged in Uncharted Territory

Exponent, which started out as Failure Analysis Associates in 1967, was founded when three professors from Stanford University and two engineers from Stanford Research Institute pioneered a new field: identifying the root causes of accidents and failures. That intrepid spirit still guides us today, as we tackle our clients' toughest scientific, engineering, and regulatory challenges — building a better future in the process.

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Striving for Diversity in Everything We Do

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are essential to fostering the ingenuity, creativity, and problem-solving that powers our business. Learn how and why we strive to embed DEI throughout our culture.

DEI at Exponent
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Advancing Science

Expertise That Fuels Science & Engineering

Our staff are thought leaders in their areas of expertise, helping to shape processes, applications, and best practices across industries. Learn how we advance our fields through academic appointments, scientific committees and boards, and publications.

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Quality Standards

We manage quality through a collection of policies, standards, processes, and procedures, collectively known as our Quality Management System (QMS). Learn more about our third-party ISO certifications.

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Where You Need Us, When You Need Us

With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, Exponent brings the power of breakthrough scientific and engineering insights to you — wherever you are in the world. 

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