Safety & The Environment

Future-Focused Solutions

A forest with a beautiful stream. Exponent helps clients develop strategies for a cleaner, healthy and more sustainable world.

Advancing People and Planet Through Science

For more than 50 years, Exponent has been committed to advancing the goals of a safer, healthier, more sustainable world through our client engagements. Exponent's highly regarded team of professionals tackles the most formidable scientific challenges for the benefit of safety and the environment.

Future-Focused Solutions

We are proud to partner with clients to address complex environmental and social issues, implementing solutions that drive meaningful societal impact. 


A utilities professional wearing goggles and helmet, staring at a laptop with 2 electrical towers in background

Climate Change

Climate change and extreme weather events are having extensive economic and social impacts. We bring together multidisciplinary teams — including structural, civil, electrical,  and materials engineers; ecological, thermal and data scientists; and natural resource management and public health experts to help organizations improve the resiliency of their assets and safeguard the public against damaging consequences.    

Utility infrastructure case study
Seaweed in the ocean. Exponent helps clients preserve and protect natural resources.

Environment & Health

We help government agencies and corporations in many industries define a clear path to a sustainable future. With decades of experience helping public and private entities understand and mitigate their impact on the environment and human health, we provide support throughout the product or process development lifecycle, including navigating complex regulatory approvals across international markets. 

Sustainable food case study
Risk & Safety Analysis​ [ME]

Industrial & Occupational Safety

Production demands, evolving technologies, and complex occupational settings can all pose safety challenges.  We work with industrial manufacturers of all sizes as they develop products and systems for the benefit of employees and neighboring communities. Through state-of-the-art evaluations, policy recommendations, and procedural reviews, our work supports clients in creating safer workplaces.

Worker safety case study
MRI Compatibility

Product Performance & Safety

We work closely with manufacturers to ensure products are safe for consumers, aiding with research, reviewing designs, and supporting development. With 50+ years' experience in failure analysis, we apply lessons from the past and from different industries to help clients create next-generation products that push engineering innovation and safety.

MRI safety testing case study
Crowd, crowd crossing city street, epidemiology

Real-World Data Insights

Real-world data (RWD) can support and expand the insights available through standard clinical health data, with benefits ranging from improved service quality to greater productivity to better overall results. We equip our clients with customized solutions, including high-quality "fit-for-purpose" RWD sources that result in reliable real-world evidence (RWE), creating a far more diverse, equitable understanding about the effectiveness and impacts of therapeutic interventions.

Health equity case study
MRI scan of human lumbar spine

Product Innovation

Medical device safety and performance allow little margin for error. We support companies and manufacturers in understanding the right questions to ask to mitigate risk and innovate with confidence. Our multidisciplinary expertise and deep industry know-how help define and solve novel challenges, enabling our clients to meet innovation goals across the full product lifecycle.    

Next-gen medical devices case study
Ground Water Modeling + Hydrogeology​

Ecological Health

Natural resources are often shared resources, which can pose challenges around joint stewardship. We help local governments and public entities address urgent ecological issues by creating unified, data-driven, customized frameworks that support real-time resource management and prioritization.

Resource management case study
A building failure and infrastructure damage following the 2023 earthquake in Turkey

The Built Environment

We help safeguard life-critical infrastructure around the world, ranging from performing risk assessments and probabilistic modeling to evaluating construction materials, designs, and accidents. Whether on the scene immediately following a major earthquake, identifying construction defects, conducting building envelope studies, or monitoring structural health, Exponent delivers insights that help build more robust, resilient, and safer communities.

Earthquake reconnaissance efforts