Risk Assessment & Mitigation

How Can We Ensure Safety Procedures Are Followed?


Applying Science to Safety at a Manufacturing Plant

When product demand soared and a major manufacturer's new factory was pushed to produce more, they wondered if the new pace was causing worker safety processes to slip. Unsatisfied with previous safety consultants, they hired Exponent to find the facts.

The Challenge 

A global manufacturer was struggling to scale their operations in step with increased demand. But ramping up production goals can lead workers and management to cut corners on safety procedures, likely as they strive to come up with faster ways of doing things that the initial safety procedures didn't anticipate.

While our client had extensive procedures documented in manuals, they needed to understand how the rules were being applied in the real factory setting.  

Exponent's industrial hygiene services are unique in that we combine rigorous scientific assessment with robust quantitative methodologies — and our diverse industry experience enables us to help our clients elevate best practices.

Exponent's MULTIDISCPLINARY Solution 

Our experts in industrial hygiene conducted a comprehensive investigation that included reviewing written safety procedures, studying employee behavior, applying quantitative risk factors, and prioritizing problems areas in need of mitigation.

EXPONENT's Impact 

While our assessment found the plant to be operating reasonably well, we did flag several trouble spots and provide prioritized remediation guidance. In addition to guidance, we gave the client tools and frameworks to keep tracking safety as the plant's personnel and processes continue to expand. 

The project gave the company reassurance that they were providing a solid standard of care during a period in which they'd faced negative publicity for worker safety. It also gave them the ability to maintain safety in the long term.