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Maintaining the Right Standard of Care for Manufacturing Equipment

The power and scale of today's industrial machines can create complex operating hazards. Exponent's multidisciplinary science and engineering teams can help you optimize efficiency and minimize risk.

Our work in the industrial & manufacturing industry

We help companies safely harness the power of industrial equipment.

Workers sort produce on a food assembly line. Exponent helps improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of automated processes.


From li-ion battery manufacturers to beverage bottling plants, we help production keep moving.

Workers in a steel foundry wear hard hats and protective gear. Exponent helps improve industrial operations.

Industrial Operations

From steel mills to ship yards, we help mitigate the heaviest hazards.

Calibrating gears. Exponent engineering supports testing, research, and development for industrial equipment manufacturing.

Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

From cranes to conveyors, we start at the drawing board with equipment makers and work all the way through to increasingly autonomous machinery.

How we help clients


What Can We Help You Solve?

Across decades of work with industrial equipment, we've developed specialized capabilities to address the most vital challenges. And we thrive on innovating new ways to help.

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