Powering Utilities Forward

Efficiency. Reliability. Safety. Sustainability.

We have more than five decades of unrivaled expertise solving problems, performing risk evaluations, and helping to modernize the utilities industry.

Our Work in the Utilities Industry

From keeping the lights on to quenching thirst, Exponent delivers utilities expertise and solutions.

Large powerlines in a rural farm setting. Exponent helps stakeholders explore safer, more efficient and alternative energy solutions.


From the construction of new structures to modeling failure and fire risk, we advise power utilities on how to manage their dispersed infrastructure.

Aerial view of oil and gas pipeline over dark blue water. Exponent engineering expertise for liquified natural gas.


From asset management to pipeline integrity, we support gas utilities in keeping operations flowing safely.

Aerial view of a large dam on a lake. Exponent engineers and scientists help stakeholders manage and improve valuable water resources.


From pipeline integrity to water quality and civil engineering, we help water companies deliver with reliability.

Aerial view of water treatment facility, large circular water holding tanks. Exponent engineers help stakeholders improve wastewater management.


From energy usage to pollution management, we assist waste utilities operations in protecting public health.

Exponent support utilities clients across the full asset lifecycle
How We Support Utilities

Partnership for the Long Term

From accident investigation to long-term planning, Exponent assembles the right experts for your unique challenge. We provide a one-stop shop through connected teams spanning multiple disciplines including structural, materials and corrosion, electrical, and civil engineering, as well as construction, thermal sciences, data sciences, human factors, and more.

What challenges can we help you solve?

We help clients with:


What Can We Help You Solve?

Across decades of work with utilities, we've developed specialized capabilities to address the most vital challenges. And we thrive on innovating new ways to help.

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