Wind Engineering


Quantify and mitigate wind-damage risks

Exponent provides multidisciplinary analysis to help clients understand wind hazard and damage mechanisms and recommends effective ways to mitigate future damage.

How do you effectively measure potential wind and weather damage?

Whether gauging tornado wind pressure or storm wind speeds, Exponent's multidisciplinary wind engineering teams develop and interpret sophisticated simulations and analyses to help clients respond to wind and weather-related hazards.

The nature and magnitude of wind forces on structures are complex functions of shielding, stagnation, and vortex shedding, among other phenomena. More precise mapping of actual wind pressures requires wind-tunnel testing or, in some circumstances, computer modeling of wind flow.

We conduct risk and damage assessments for buildings and structures in hurricane-prone regions to give owners a clear understanding of the current and potential future state of their assets as well as ways to manage risk and recovery.


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