Accident & Failure Investigation

Understand Past Failures to Create a Safer Future

Monorail being worked on
Parent and child look out a train window. Exponent engineers and scientists help improve the safety and performance of products.

Uncovering Causes. Informing Solutions.

When the situation is complex and the right answers are critical, turn to the pioneers of accident and failure investigation. For 50+ years, Exponent has been assembling unique multidisciplinary teams to pinpoint root causes.

Examine. Analyze. Understand.

We spearheaded failure analysis over 50 years ago, and today we leverage that knowledge to solve profound business challenges for our clients across industries.

A collapsed apartment in the aftermath of an earthquake, rooms are exposed to the outside. Exponent experts assess the damage.
For the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, we brought together

buildings and structures experts , shaking intensity evaluation , data analysis

How Do We Reduce Seismic Risk?

After the 2017 Mexico City earthquake, Exponent helped conduct a damage survey and created recommendations that informed the next generation of building codes.

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What Can We Help You Solve?

For 50+ years, we've thrived on finding answers to unstructured problems. Our multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers create new capabilities every day to pinpoint why and how things failed.

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World Trade Center
Case Studies

Well-Known Investigations

In the months following the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster, Exponent was retained to conduct an extensive study of the collapse of each of the Twin Towers and analyze the damage to sub-grade mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure. And this is just one example of our high-profile, high-stakes work. Over the past 50+ years, we've investigated some of the most well-known disasters and catastrophes around the world.    

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Testing & Evaluations

Best-in-Class Facilities Meet World-Class Experts

Our multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers at Exponent facilities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia are uniquely positioned to provide rapid response, onsite inspections, bespoke testing, and unparalleled scientific analysis, data, and research.

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Inspecting a disaster or collapse
Onsite Inspections

Meeting Your Challenges Where They Are

Ensuring regulatory compliance. Evaluating equipment safety. Assessing site surface conditions. Our integrated teams of experts in North America, Europe, and Asia conduct on-site inspections, custom testing, and rapid response for a wide range of challenges. Exponent can also assist with inspections in remote locations through encrypted video-streaming capabilities.

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monitors showing a variety of screens
Visual Communication

Storytelling Tools That Power Innovation

Exponent's in-house Visual Communication team supports the work of our experts by creating scientifically accurate animation, graphics, photography, video, laser scanning, and 3D printing. These tools help our clients and their audiences gain a deeper understanding of the technologies they're exploring.

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