Safe Construction, Sound Projects

The Art and Science of Building the Future

A successful construction project requires expert choreography across dozens of teams to avoid delays, cost overruns, or catastrophes. Exponent's multidisciplinary teams provide solid engineering and smart management consulting to help projects succeed, head off trouble, and offer trusted technical guidance when disputes arise.

Our Work in the Construction Industry

From high-rises to highways, retail to reactors, we bring clarity to complex situations.

Highrise Construction Inspection

Construction Firms

We support project management, reduce risk, and solve complex engineering problems.

Corroding Bridge Support

Law Firms

From prelitigation through trial, we help you accurately and objectively understand technical issues for every decision point in your matter.

People discussing a construction project


We provide owners with unbiased assessments of construction quality and management.

Construction Site Meeting

Insurance Companies

When disputes arise, we clarify the facts with unbiased scientific and engineering findings.

How We Help Clients

Risk assessments. Forensic analyses. Site inspections. Exponent brings decades of practical knowledge and hands-on experience in the construction industry to your most formidable challenges.


What Can We Help You Solve?

With decades of experience and unique specialization in addressing construction industry challenges, we can ensure you get the data, facts, and technical insights you need to make effective business decisions.

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